It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large – data backup is important for business of every size. Not backing up data is a huge risk that could have serious consequences.

As technology has gotten better over the years, so has the cost effectiveness of backing up data. What once was a cumbersome and costly process is now easily managed by IT teams outside of the firm.

There are many potential problems that could arise causing you to lose your data – a power outage shorts the computer, a virus takes over or you accidentally delete a folder of important files.

While there are multiple options for small businesses in terms of data backup, it can be a risk to assume that an online backup is accurately backing up ALL of the data you need. If you have important data you can can’t afford to lose, it could be worthwhile to hire an IT professional to handle the backups and make sure the information is transferring correctly and completely.

Most times, your IT provider will also have a backup of your backup. This redundancy is especially helpful in situations where the primary backup may have corrupted data. Having a secondary backup ensures you are able to recover your data and get back to work quickly.

Your IT provider will usually also make sure your data is encrypted. This means in the event there is a data breach, your data will still be protected.

When moving forward with your business, you want to make sure data backup is a part of the plan. With how connected and fast paced today’s world is, not many businesses can afford to lose data and not take a revenue loss.